The Bologna-Duke Summer School was a fantastic experience in every respect. It provides a unique opportunity to discuss and develop critical theory from a truly global, trans-disciplinary and inclusive perspective with some of the world’s most interesting and renowned scholars in the field. I particularly liked being part of a group of dedicated students coming from all parts of the world, and with different academic backgrounds. I learned a great deal from these two weeks of intense work in courses and seminars, as well as from the lively discussions with professors and students over coffee or aperitivo afterwards. The school’s professional organization and administration, the open and inviting atmosphere and, not least, spending two weeks in a stunningly beautiful city made this a valuable and overall enjoyable experience.

Benjamin (University of Vienna)

Graduate school is comprised of only a few years and to me it was imperative that I take advantage of every opportunity to interact with students and scholars as broadly as possible during that time. Few experiences have been as worthwhile and generative for my work as the time I spent at the summer school in Bologna. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Michael (Brown University)

Summer School on “Global Studies and Critical Theory” organized by Bologna University&Duke University was an excellent experience: the organization was impeccable from the beginning to the end; Courses and lectures were amazing in their breadth and scope and I believe that all the participants, myself included, were able to find something of interest, if not resolve some of the pressing issues we’re all encountering in our studies. Not only have we had the opportunity to hear the lectures of great professors that are a part of intellectual history of the world, but we also witnessed discussions that are of tremendous importance for all of us living in a globalized world. The Summer School was excellent because it brought together students from all over the world and by doing so we got the opportunity to exchange mutual experiences and talk about our daily struggles and resistances in our own Universities, countries and departments. Personally, I can say that I benefited a lot not only from the lectures and courses/seminars, but also because I met a lot of great, smart and good people. And last but not least being in Bologna meant: perfect food, wine and beautiful city combined with great people who believe that change is possible.

Tijana (University of Sarajevo)

It has been an amazing summer school, very intensive, with some really new subjects and approaches proposed that will help me for my reseraches. Most of all, the heterogeneity of the participants has figured for me as a huge “added value” for the whole experience of the summer school: knowing about the works and researches of other people for other countries is deeply stimulating!

Laura (University of Bologna)

The Bologna-Duke Summer School was a fantastic opportunity to engage with professors and participants from around the globe in a collaborative seminar setting. Discussions begun in the classroom often carried on into the evening and the city of Bologna provided a culturally rich backdrop to what was one of the highlights of my graduate career.

Bennett (Duke University)

The first session of the School on Global Studies and Critical Theory, a summer program emerging from a collaboration between Duke University and the Department of History, Culture and Civilization at the University of Bologna, was held in 2014. Having made some minor progress in my study of Italian – a necessity for my research on Italian operaismo or workerism, a lineage of Marxist theory whose primary texts are not well represented in English translation, despite the popularity of some more recent “post-workerist” writings – the possibility of a summer trip to Italy came at an opportune time for me (continue reading on Chiasma, a site for thought…»)

Asad Haider (University of California Santa Cruz)