Redefining Emergent Shapes: Brazil as a Case Study for Global South

Movements in the geopolitcal scenes in the last decade and a singularity of the historical experience have turned Brazil, even in times of crisis, into an important force field for the reflection on Global South. The idea of a proper force inscribed in the south (e.g.south south cooperation) and a long duration debate about the emergent condition provide the Brazilian southern question with innovative contemporary elements that it is worth recovering. Or just making one question: how the Brazilian current conflicts and the consequent crisis of representations help to feed an effective rearm for the South?logo-capes

Professor Francisco Foot Hardman is Professor at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), and professor of the Graduate Program in Literary Theory and History of Language Studies Institute (IEL ) since 1987. Currently he is in Italy within the program Cátedra Capes / University of Bologna which aims to deepen academic cooperation among Brazilian and foreign higher education institutions and science centers in order to promote the development of science and technology in Brazil and Italy.

July 7th