Reframing Critical Theory: Fanon, Cesaire, Wynter and the Enunciation of the Human.

fanonThis module will grapple with the following issue: the relationship between radical anti–anti-colonial thought and the question of human freedom. Mapping a different genealogy of thought which moves beyond conventional academic disciplinary boundaries the module will spend time reading the critical writings of Fanon, essays and a play of Cesaire and some of most recent writings of the theorist Sylvia Wynter. Noting that critique is at the core of any critical theory the module will practice a certain kind of hermeneutics which examines the conditions of possibilities for , moments and the emergence of forms of thought . The intellectual and political tradition at play in this module does not begin with Marx but rather with a black and radical anti – anti-colonial tradition that emerges in the period of colonial modernity.

June 28th-30th
TWTh 2.00-4.00