The rise of globalization processes requires a radical redefinition of categories and analytical tools, in the direction of a growing hybridization among different traditions and points of view. The second edition of the Bologna-Duke Summer School is intended as a dialogue among these different traditions of the heterogeneous discipline known as critical theory.

The 2015 edition on “Critical Theories” took place from June 22nd to July 3th 2015 at the Department of History, Cultures and Civilization of Bologna University.

FIRST WEEK: June 22nd to June 26th 2015

Opening Lecture

Carlo GALLI (Unibo) – The forms of Critique and the critique of the forms. The concept of Critique from the Modern to the present age

Morning Course

Anne GARRETA  On Monique Wittig

Afternoon Classes

Roberto DAINOTTO (Duke): Crisis and the Critical Communism of Antonio Labriola

Reading Groups:
Raffaele LAUDANI (Unibo): One-dimensional Man Fifty Years Later
Maurizio RICCIARDI (Unibo): Between Factory and Society: Mario Tronti’s Political Foundation of Workerism

SECOND WEEK: June 29th to July 3rd 2015

Opening Lecture

Sandro MEZZADRA (Unibo) and Dipesh CHAKRABARTY (University of Chicago): A Dialogue on Capital’s and Labor’s Histories

Morning Course

Paolo CAPUZZO (Unibo): Gramscian Keywords for a Critical Theory

Afternoon Classes

Anna FISJZON (Duke): Psychoanalysis in an International Frame
Roberto VECCHI (Unibo): Critical theory and Brazilian thought: peripheral frames

Reading Groups:
Paola RUDAN (Unibo): Carla Lonzi’s Let’s Spit on Hegel
Raffaele LAUDANI (Unibo): David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizen of the World

Guest Lecture

Sandro MEZZADRA (Unibo): Capital, Capitalism, Critique. Then and Now