Spontaneous Workshop I

On June 30 @ 2:00 PM in Aula Fumagalli, Bennett Carpenter (Duke University) and Lenora Hanson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) invite students to a discussion about organizing against academic capitalism and the mass “adjunctification” of academic laborers. In particular, we are interested in thinking about the role that autonomous projects (i.e. projects organized outside established institutional, professional, and labor channels) might play in our contemporary context. Bennett and Lenora are co-organizers of a shadow conference called the Subconference of the MLA, which will hold its second meeting this year in Vancouver. Taking that project as a starting point for our conversation, we would like to ask how it is possible for alternative political forms to change the way students and contingent workers respond to the extreme precaritization of labor and life under capitalism today. A brief presentations about our own context and the Subconference project will initiate the discussion, but we are most interested in hearing from other students about their campus struggles and in thinking about how we can create more radical modes of resistance that are adequate to building solidarity between students and workers and university labor and other sites of labor. (We may also be joined by members of various Bologna-based groups that are organizing around student debt and precarity.)

This is why we all hope you will give Leonora & Bennett the chance to confront themselves with students coming from all over the world, and in the meantime give us the chance to expand on the topic.

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